Polycarbonate Stickering

Durastick provides polycarbonate labels, decals and tags. Polycarbonate is a very versatile durable plastic, which provides great strength at a light weight. Trade names used for polycarbonate include LEXAN, MAKROLON, ULTEM and VALOX. Polycarbonate is the substrate of choice used for a majority of graphic overlay applications because of its cost versus benefits derived, as compared to other substrates available. A variety of adhesives and adhesive thicknesses are available in combination with polycarbonate to custom manufacture graphic overlays, decals, nameplates, faceplates, control panels, and labels. In addition to its use in second surface printing such as with graphic overlays, it is used as a laminate to protect labels which are flexography printed. Polycarbonate in thicknesses from 5 mil to 20 mil is available in stock.

Polycarbonate labels

Polycarbonate can be made optically clear, an effect can be manufactured into polycarbonate that allows for the desire of a haze or frosted look when viewing through the windows of the graphic overlay on certain products. Some of these products include automotive dashboards, consumer electronics, and other backlit applications (Some call this a diffused look or a diffuser). Light can be diffused without any hot spots with percentages ranging from 2% to 90%.


Great optical clarity or clearness

Mechanical strength

Puncture resistance

Dimensionally stable

Good dielectric properties